Debbi Carroll

   Debbi Carroll, NSD

Welcome to Team New Vision and AmeriPlan USA!

We are an Ameriplan Team who have come together to support, empower, and help each other down the path to success.

As a team, we have some of the most innovative, successful, and passionate entrepreneurs who are here to give you the tools and resources you will need to build a massively successful AmeriPlan business.


  Susie Dickinson    

Susie Dickinson, NSD


Congratulations to Susie Dickinson, our team's Newest National Sales Director. Susie has helped a lot of people along her journey and we are so blessed to have her on our team.


Kellie Blackwell

Kellie Blackwell, ESD
Team Leadership
Super Star Award
Silver RSD

Always willing to help others to also reach their life's goals Kellie has gone above and beyond in helping her team with whatever it takes to get the job done.  She's been willing to go the extra mile and walk side by side with those who are willing to plug into the systems AmeriPlan has in place for our success.

 William and CeCe Brown

William and CeCe Brown are Team Trainers and host our New IBO orientation call on Wednesday Nights.

Now is the time to start turning YOUR dreams into reality. So, make yourself at home, read through all of the sections on this site, interact with our close community, and start taking those first steps towards true freedom. We are here for you… Welcome to the family!


AmeriPlan Leadership

  Kellie Blackwell, ESD Debbi Carroll,NSD, Susie Dickinson, NSD



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